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Just Powder Coating

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At Just Powdercoating we believe in professional service and quality finishes.We know that preparation is the key to a quality long lasting finish. To achieve this we have invested in a phosphate treatment system that helps with corrosion resistance and acts as a surface perparation for further coatings, we can also apply a zinc primer which is yet another step in the prevention of corrosion, and we make sure all items are hand prepared to reach the best possible finish. There are times though that further attention is needed, i.e. if the item is rusted or has previously been powder coated or painted it is then recommended that the item be Burnt and/or Abrasive Blasted to remove these layers. We can organise this for our customers so that all costs associated are covered by one bill, saving our customers the time of organising this themselves and money in the form of transport costs.

We recommend the following procedure for the best possible finish:

  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Phosphate Treatment
  • Zinc Prime
  • Top Coat (Finished Colour)

We strive to meet our customers expectations and requirements and understand that most problems occur when there is poor or lack of communication, therefore we take the time to listen to what our customer wants and recommend the appropriate treatment and powder for the job.

We use the latest powdering equipment for applications and have a larger than average 10.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 meter batch oven, so you can be sure we have the facilities to handle almost any size or shape job, and strive to get that perfect finish the first time.